[c-nsp] mls qos on 7600 with native vlan and MPLS

Jerome Durand jdurand at renater.fr
Tue Oct 13 05:24:31 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I do run a 7600 3CXL based backone and have 2 questions with MLS QOS 
related to native ethernet vlan.

1°) How can I do egress scheduling on customers interfaces (routed 
interfaces "no switchport" on LAN cards with no 802.1Q enabled)
My understanding is that this queueing mode can be based only on COS 
field on GE and 10/100/1000 line cards. So what will be the router 
behaviour if there is no 802.Q and therefore no 802.1p? I think I don't 
have problem for 10GE interfaces as I could use dscp based queueing 
(honnestly I don't really need egress scheduling on 10GE customers 

2°) I do run MPLS in the core for VPN services. The core interfaces are 
in mode "no switchport" and are untagged as well (routed ports on 10GE 
interfaces). Here too, what happens if I have cos based queueing (as 
this is native ethernet)? What happens if I run DSCP based queueing (as 
this is MPLS, can dscp be used?) My goal here is more to make sure that 
my qos does not break anything.

Any good reference for mls qos on MPLS backbone is welcome!

Thanks a lot!


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