[c-nsp] Multiple power supply failures. Advise needed

Randy McAnally rsm at fast-serv.com
Tue Sep 1 16:32:48 EDT 2009

I'm sorry, but I highly doubt this is why his devices are failing.  Each
device receives ground through the power cord (3rd prong is there for a
reason, as well it is tied to chassis ground internally).  Secondly, the
cabinets themselves should be grounded as is the case in any proper facility.
 By fastening the chasis to the cabinet you are basically providing a second
ground path.  A third ground path is nice and pretty, but it isn't going to do
much if anything at all to help him in this case.

Either the power is extremely dirty, or the facility as a while is not
properly grounded which means no matter how well he grounds his equipment it
won't help unless he digs his own ground.


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> Michael Ulitskiy wrote:
> > As for grounding lug I would gladly add it to 6500 chassis if that was the
only problem.
> > Running it to every piece of equipment which count about 50 pieces at the
moment wouldn't be fun at all...
> > Doh...
> I hate to say it, but the devices shouldn't have gone into 
> production if the installation wasn't complete.  Proper grounding is 
> part of a correct installation.  I can't count the number of network 
> engineers I've worked with over the years that did absolutely no 
> grounding whatsoever.  I can name 1 engineer that will never turn up 
> a device without proper grounding; me.  Not to beat a dead horse but 
> perhaps a newbie reading the list might take this to heart...
> Justin
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