[c-nsp] do i *need* DFCs on the 6500?

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Sep 2 07:16:16 EDT 2009


okay, from the background of I know what the DFC is and how it
operates etc... i know I want them - however, I need to justify
the upgrade/part cost to sort out a couple of 6500's.  in some of
our 6500's, the 10G blades have DFCs already...but several 6724's dont
(they just have CFC). ...as i said, I want them, but need to get
some management/funding buy-in - and they dont want the 'what it
does' information - they want some hard and fast facts that Cisco dont
sem to want to tell me ..... so, the question is

1) is there any way of showing the sup720 strain/utilisation...particularly
is there a way of showing DFC usage on the blades where we have them?

2) it offloads IPv6 and QoS - we're into both of those (and more so over the
next year) - any particular insights into QoS performance/issues without
DFC ? any throughput figures for IPv6 ?

(i know that with CFC we're limited to the backplane (32mpps?) and we get ~ 48mpps
per blade with DFC)

...or could it be that DFC's are only really useful to a particular deployment
and I just *think* i need them?  ;-)


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