[c-nsp] MPLS 2 Hub sites with loadsharing, same or separate AS numbers?

Roger Wiklund copse at xy.org
Wed Sep 2 13:04:24 EDT 2009

Sorry, should be: "Each CE router is connected to different PE routers"

And also, I forgot, pros/cons with running iBGP between the CE routers? I
know this is a benefit on the Internet, with two different ISPs, for optimal
routing, but in a MPLS cloud with the same provider I dont see that benefit.


On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Roger Wiklund <copse at xy.org> wrote:

> Hi
> I have a question regarding AS numbers, whats the best solution, and
> pros/cons with the different setups?
> Let say there is an MPLS provider, and one customer has a HUB-site with
> dual CPE in the VPN. Each CE router is connected to 2 different PE routers.
> Behind each CE router the customer has a Juniper router and are using eBGP
> to peer with us.
> They want per session loadsharing between the to CPEs. The MPLS provider
> are not planning to run iBGP between the CE routers. Only eBGP to the PE.
> Now, should these 2 CE routers belong the the same AS number? Let say, 100.
> Or should they be in separate? 100, and 200?
> You should still be able to loadshare with max-path eibgp 2 on the PEs even
> if they are in different AS numbers right? It is only the AS path lengt that
> is compared, not the actual number if im not misstaken.
> Any pros/cons with the different setups, same AS, different AS.
> Thanks!
> Roger

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