[c-nsp] HWIC-1ADSL-M

Simon Lockhart simon at slimey.org
Thu Sep 3 15:32:03 EDT 2009

On Thu Sep 03, 2009 at 07:16:27PM +0100, Alex Pimperton wrote:
> Reading through the specs for the above card Cisco mentions not supporting
> "UK Mask".
> Does this mean the card doesn't work for ADSL-M (Seemingly often branded as
> SDSL-M) in the UK?

ADSL and SDSL are two very different things. HWIC-1ADSL-M will do ADSL2+, but
probably not SDSL.

> We're looking at getting some SDSL-M circuits to see what they're like, from
> Spitfire and Nildram (Tiscali), anybody using either HWIC-1ADSL-M or C877-M
> with those providers Annex M services?

We sell ADSL2+ services in the UK using Be/O2 LLU tails, and they have
"approved" bother the HWIC-1ADSL-M and the C877-M for their service. I'm using
a C877-M right now.
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