[c-nsp] Catalyst vs. Nexus

Michael Malitsky malitsky at netabn.com
Tue Sep 8 17:12:01 EDT 2009


I am working on the first 10Gig deployment in a small data center.  Main
driver is a SQL database, so there will be a bunch of SQL servers
virtualized using VMware, running against a SAN over iSCSI.

I've done some research and it looks like I can build the network using
a Catalyst 4900M or a Nexus 5010, at about the same cost.  I am familiar
with the Catalyst family, but have no experience with the Nexus.  At
this point, the only major difference I see is that Nexus supports Fibre
Channel (which I don't need).  For being different product families, I
am having a hard time understanding what the major differences are.  Can
anyone enlighten me?  
If anyone has hands-on experience with both and willing to share, that
would be most appreciated.

Michael Malitsky

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