[c-nsp] Cisco VPN Client Causes Mac OS X Crash - Update!

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at lboro.ac.uk
Mon Sep 14 07:45:49 EDT 2009


'cisco does not support virtual environments' - yes 
we've heard the same thing.

however. forgive me if I'm wrong here but you were using
the VPN client in the main host and not in a virtual host
on the system - yes?  in which case its not a virtual environment
its a real 'level 0' host.

and their 'we dont support IPv6' tack is tactless and tacky.
not only do they only have business with a lot of people
because of their (often broken) IPv6 promises but they've got
IPv6 'support' in the client and in the server (not that the
management software can do much with IPv6 :-(  ) - we've
had multiple issues of late with their IPv6 support in
client software and in IOS - not happy with cisco at all
recently (i'd have to ask how they got the IPv6 Ready logo
for several of their products :-(  )


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