[c-nsp] Migrating cisco ACS v3.3 to cisco 1113 ACS v4.2

sky aptgetd at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 15:30:59 EDT 2009


We are currently getting ready to migrate Cisco Secure ACS v3.3 (windows
server) to cisco 1113 ACS SE v4.2 (windows) appliance based solution.

Just wondering whether anyone has successfully migrated (exported) ACS
v3.3 database to ACS v4.2 database (imported) w/o having to upgrade v3.3

Is it possible to set replication partners between v3.3 (primary) and
v4.2 (secondary) or do they need to be on the version?

Any insight, pointers and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,


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