[c-nsp] Any gotchas in upgrading ASA5520 pairs?

Scott Granados gsgranados at comcast.net
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Hi, thanks for the link.  So it looks like I was close.  Am I reading this 
right in that I have to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 first then to 7.2?


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Not sure if is a concern for you but upgrading from 7.0 to 7.2 does not 
allow a zero downtime upgrade.  Check out the section " Performing Zero 
Downtime Upgrades for Failover Pairs" on the following link:

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    I have two ASA 5520 devices in a active standby pair.  I'm presently at
firmware 7.0.7 and ASDM 5.0 and want to upgrade to 7.2.4-33.  I've googled
and found some detailed instructions and the process seems simple and
standard, upload the image, change the boot vars, save and restart.  Is this
correct?  Would the following work?
First, upgrade the standby, restart, once back up fail over to standby so
the primary becomes standby and repeat?  Are there any issues with
mismatched images that I will need to be concerned with while the two
devices are in transition?  How about any gotchas from the upgrade of 7.0.7
to 7.2.4 itself anything I need to know?  I didn't see any alerts in the
directions but figured I should check here.  Any pointers would be

Thank you

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