[c-nsp] AIR-WLC4402-50-K9 config

Renelson Panosky panocisco77 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 10:45:05 EDT 2010

I am trying to console in to this new wireless controller and i have done
everything the manual said but after it passed all the self test it got
stuck rc=0.  Has anybody work with that before if so did you ran into the
same problem? How did you get passed it ?

Cryptographic library self-test....passed!
XML config selected
Validating XML configuration
Cisco is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Software Copyright Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Cisco AireOS Version
Initializing OS Services: ok
Initializing Serial Services: ok
Initializing Internal Interfaces: ok
Initializing Network Services: ok
Starting ARP Services: ok
Starting Trap Manager: ok
Starting Network Interface Management Services: ok
Starting System Services: ok
Starting FIPS Features: ok : Not enabled
Starting Fastpath Hardware Acceleration: ok
Starting Switching Services: ok
Starting QoS Services: ok
Starting Policy Manager: ok
Starting Data Transport Link Layer: ok
Starting Access Control List Services: ok
Starting System Interfaces: ok
Starting Client Troubleshooting Service: ok
Starting Management Frame Protection: ok
Starting Certificate Database: ok
Starting VPN Services: ok
Starting LWAPP: ok
Starting CAPWAP: ok
Starting LOCP: ok
Starting Security Services: ok
Starting Policy Manager: ok
Starting Authentication Engine: ok
Starting Mobility Management: ok
Starting Virtual AP Services: ok
Starting AireWave Director: ok
Starting Network Time Services: ok
Starting Cisco Discovery Protocol: ok
Starting Broadcast Services: ok
Starting Logging Services: ok
Starting DHCP Server: ok
Starting IDS Signature Manager: ok
Starting RFID Tag Tracking: ok
Starting Power Supply and Fan Status Monitoring Service: ok
Starting Mesh Services:  ok
Starting TSM: ok
Starting CIDS Services: ok
Starting Ethernet-over-IP: ok
Starting DTLS server:  enabled in CAPWAP
Starting FMC HS: ok
Starting WIPS: ok
Starting RRC Services: ok
Starting Management Services:
   Web Server: ok
   CLI: ok
   Secure Web: Web Authentication Certificate not found (error). If you
cannot access management interface via HTTPS please reconfigure Virtual

(Cisco Controller)

Welcome to the Cisco Wizard Configuration Tool
Use the '-' character to backup

Would you like to terminate autoinstall? [yes]:
AUTO-INSTALL: starting now...
rc = 0

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