[c-nsp] Recommendation request for gateway router specs

Ziv Leyes zivl at gilat.net
Tue Aug 31 08:13:09 EDT 2010

It's ok, my bad, I was talking about the difference between them and the 7201.

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 On 31.08.2010 09:01, Ziv Leyes wrote:
> The 7200 VXR may be a good choice, lower price than ASR and still deliver what you need.
> In case you don't really need all the expansions options perhaps a 7206 is too "big" for you in matters of rack space and you can go for a 7204 or even a 7201, same machine, less space.
Not wanting to nit-pick here, but the 7204 and 7206 are the same
routers, same box, just two less backplane slots ... so no space saving
there ...

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