[c-nsp] IPV6 again

Tom Lanyon tom at netspot.com.au
Wed Feb 3 05:37:23 EST 2010

On 02/02/2010, at 3:29 AM, Alan Buxey wrote:
> youtube is now IPv6 ready - thanks Lorenzo Colitti (and his  
> buddies!) but
> the AAAA's are only given to their happy ipv6 select partners.... 
> (unfortunately
> we are not yet one of those because we cannot guarantee 100% happy  
> google
> services on IPv6 for all of our network....

Youtube via my home ADSL connection is happily coming in via IPv6 now  
and is working well... :)

They are not handing out an AAAA for www.youtube.com but most of the  
content (img+video) servers are on v6.


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