[c-nsp] what is it with 3550s?

Edward Salonia ed at edgeoc.net
Wed Feb 3 15:08:03 EST 2010

That is in SW only, if memory serves me. Also, I believe it has since been removed because of that.

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> You're not going to see IPv6 routing support on the 3550 AFAIK.  As
> colo/customer aggregation switches, the per port policing limitations on
> the 3560 make it a poor substitute for the 3550.
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Are you sure about this?  I thought that 12.2(44)SE2 has IPv6 support:

Switch1(config)#ipv6 ?
  access-list      Configure access lists
  general-prefix   Configure a general IPv6 prefix
  hop-limit        Configure hop count limit
  host             Configure static hostnames
  icmp             Configure ICMP parameters
  local            Specify local options
  neighbor         Neighbor
  route            Configure static routes
  router           Enable an IPV6 routing process
  source-route     Process packets with source routing header options
  unicast-routing  Enable unicast routing

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