[c-nsp] Cisco ACE module configuration question

Erik Nelson enelsonm5 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 3 15:35:59 EST 2010

I have a ACE module in a 6500, and have basic load balancing (with sticky connections) working.  The lab environment that I need to use this for will have 40+ servers, but all the traffic will be generated by just four servers. Each server will be simulating many users, each on a different source port. The traffic is HTTP, but not on port 80. Since there are programs generating the user traffic, I can't necessarily depend on them to behave completely like browsers (cookies, for instance). I have no control over the application software or load generator software. Also, each connection needs to be sticky. 

Any suggestions? I think I need the source port to be part of the load balancing decisions. But this is the first ACE I have touched, and am somewhat lost.



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