[c-nsp] OT - Infoblox vs. Bluecat

Chris Gauthier chris at k7sle.com
Fri Feb 5 17:33:57 EST 2010

When I worked for a previous employer, we evaluated bluecat and infoblox. Bluecat was quickly ruled out because of price and complexity. The Infoblox got a lot more attention and they were great to work with during our eval of the hardware. One manager was ready to purchase and was about to pick u pthe phone and call when another manager railroaded the big boss to go with Windows DNS/DHCP (in a non-AD environment) at the last second. 

I *really* liked the manageability, tech support, and expertise of the product. The HA worked great, including DHCP failover. I liked them so much, I've tried to bring them to my current employer, but the solutions are just too expensive for the budget. Another point that I liked was that Cricket Liu (author of the DNS and Bind O'Reilly books and the DNS on Windows Server 2000 and DNS on Windows Server 2003 books) is part of their executive team. They're also MS certified, a plus for my current employer. 

I liked the detail in logging, too. Some of the reporting was a challenge, but I was asking for stats (can't remember which) that had to gathered programatically. 

Hope this helps all of you! 

Chris Gauthier, CCNA Security 
Salem, Oregon, USA 

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I apologize for this being fairly OT for a Cisco list, but I figured someone on here has touched some DNS gear before. Anyone work with Infoblox and Bluecat, and run across a significant reason to choose one over another? I've googled, but most articles are 5 years or more old. Off-line responses encouraged. The planned use is for govt, so full access to the kernel is nice for hardening/verification. Also need TSIG, DNSSEC, and IPv6 support, which they both claim to have, as they're both based on recent bind. Secure mgmt such as SNMPv3, SSHv2, and SSL would be nice. 

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