[c-nsp] ASR etherchannel

Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Mon Feb 8 03:26:20 EST 2010

roddy.strachan at staff.netspace.net.au (Roddy Strachan) wrote:

> Currently we run two ASR 1004¹s in an LNS environment, we are about to reach
> the maximum of 1GB on the port into our core network, so I¹m thinking of
> ways to give us more bandwidth.  One way that came to mind was using
> etherchannel/port-channel.
> I¹ve set this up using a 7301 to our core quite well and it seems to work.
> Has anyone had any experience with the ASR side of things?

Yes. It simply doesn't work.
("It" being a dot1q trunk to a pair of 3750s in my case)

Lucky me only had to put two VLANs on that bundle, so I could disentangle
(but lost redundancy, of course). That's 12.2(33)XNC1t, btw.

I haven't reported that bug yet, because I though "why should it always
be me?", but I have not heard of a fix yet.


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