[c-nsp] PGM and multicast

luismi asturluismi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 08:15:29 EST 2010

Is there anyone here using multicast and PGM?
We have several multicast services -video and audio streams- and
sometimes we use to have incidents because the service is not ok, and we
would like to deploy PGM to have more control.

So, my questions are...
Is possible to manage the rx buffer of the multicast in a router to add
a delay (around 2secs) to avoid disruptions while the PGM is asking for
the packet lost to the other hop?

Windows XP looks to support PGM, what about linux? any experience?

Any commercial encoder with PGM support there?

Is possible to collect information throught snmp about PGM stats? (I
asked this to create alarms in nagios as well some graphics :)

Any other comments would be welcome too.

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