[c-nsp] Best practice - Core vs Access Router

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Tue Feb 9 07:44:35 EST 2010

On (2010-02-09 13:21 +0100), Andy B. wrote:

> CPU load is fairly normal at 20-30%

What is more important if this is process or interrupt. 'show proc cpu' you
have x/y, y is interrupt and should be 0, if not, you are software switching
something due to misconfiguration or software defect.

> No congestion. Most links are under 50%.
> I have no Control Plane Policies in place, but I have already been
> advised to do so - this might help, right?

> Redesigning the network and shifting the busy (uncongested!) VLAN to
> another router seemed like the only choice we have left, unless this
> CPP can help?

Do you see any input drops in 'sh int | i Input|^[A-Z]'

Are you within bounds of PFC resources?
show platform hardware capacity pfc


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