[c-nsp] Cisco 7401ASR ?

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Tue Feb 9 12:06:42 EST 2010

On Tuesday 09 February 2010 08:30:20 am Phibee Network Operation Center 
> i am search a real information on the Cisco 7401ASR :
> If you have one units ;=)

Have two of them here, one in use, the other in standby.

> I want know if this cisco are same performence that the
> Cisco 7204 with a NPE 400 ?

Probably not; 7401ASR is a 1 rack unit single PA NSE-1.  A little less 
performance than NPE-300.  Has PXF; at least as of 12.4(21a), it's enabled and 
pari-7400-2#sh pxf int
  Intf  I/f #  Attributes
Gi0/0    5    Raw, Encap, Unsupp Feat.
Gi0/1    4    Raw, Encap
PO1/0    6    Raw, Encap

pari-7400-2#sh pxf info
pxf: tmc type TMC ASIC Pass2 (T2-ECC) revision 2
ucode: filename 'system:pxf/ucode0' revision 1.1
state:  is running, number of starts 1
uptime: 52w0d
Memory Configuration:
  Bank Name                         Total     Reserved   In-use      Free
  tmc internal memory column 0      16 Kb    2048 bytes    0 bytes   14 Kb   
  tmc column 0 memory bank 0        32 Mb      31 Mb      16 Kb     352 Kb   
  tmc internal memory column 1      16 Kb     512 bytes    0 bytes   15 Kb   
  tmc column 1 memory bank 0        32 Mb     669 Kb    2279 Kb      29 Mb   
  tmc internal memory column 2      16 Kb    6656 bytes    0 bytes 9728 bytes
  tmc column 2 memory bank 0        32 Mb     441 Kb     672 Kb      30 Mb   
  tmc internal memory column 3      16 Kb      15 Kb       0 bytes  512 bytes
  tmc column 3 memory bank 0        32 Mb    2092 Kb      64 Kb      29 Mb   
pari-7400-2#sh pxf fea nat stat
NAT translation processing information
total nat entries = 4096, entries (used, free) = (107, 3989)
untranslated flows: 0
translated flows: 3503431328
icmp extendable flows: 0
noop alloc miss: 0
entry alloc miss: 3096957
entry poke miss: 0


Having said all that, I'm seeing packets switched by the PXF (sh int stat) on 
Gi0/1 and PO1/0, but not on Gi0/0 (unsupported feature; doing something on 
Gi0/0 that PXF doesn't like, apparently, but not sure what); the number of 
packets actually PXF-switched is a pretty small percentage of the total traffic 
going through the box.

> He support MPLS, Interworking and EoMPLS

7400 is designed to be CPE, and doesn't run S, SX, or SR train images (12.4 
mainline and up to a point in 12.4T are available).  Not designed for core 
stuff; having said that, I haven't tried any MPLS stuff on it. In my case, I'm 
doing edge NAT, BGP, OSPF, POS APS, CBAC, and Stateful NAT.  Typical edge 
stuff; using the 7401 since it can handle OC-3 POS and do APS (which is how our 
OC3 is configured) paired currently with a 7507 running the same IOS (but which 
has different features; one of those things about IOS is how different the 
feature set can be platform to platform, and how you can somewhat see what the 
pedigree of a particular bit of hardware is by looking at the various feature 
footprints.... see feature diffs between Cat5k RSM versus RSFC, or Cat6k MSM 
versus MSFC; the RSM and MSM betray their pedigree by certain features 
lacking....).  The two 7401's were paired for the OC3 POS APS, but the second 
one developed issues when loaded very heavily and is now a backup only.

> It's the same IOS that Cisco 7204 ?

No; almost the same as NSE-1, but specific to the chassis.
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