[c-nsp] Inbound traffic

Sherwin Torres kuscent01 at yahoo.com.ph
Tue Feb 9 20:56:48 EST 2010


I have multiple upstream provider, a combination of tier1 and tier2 network. 


1. AS1 - AS200 - AS30

2. AS1 - AS300 - AS30

3. AS1 - AS400 - AS20 - AS30

In the above scenario, I am using AS30 and I need to access AS1. The
outbound traffic can be force using the localpref to prefer which
path I can use for the outbound however, my dilemma is the inbound
traffic. Since sample 1 and 2 has lesser path from AS1 going to AS30,
this might be the best in returned path while sample 3 is the least
priority due to longer path. Is there a way can I manipulate the inbound and outbound via sample 3 without contacting AS1?

Thanks in advance.


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