[c-nsp] Controlling allowed VLANs, alternatives?

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 04:33:36 EST 2010

On 02/16/2010 10:21 PM, Randy McAnally wrote:
> Nothing wrong...it's exactly what I needed.
> Long hours of coding makes me overlook these kinds of things and I really
> appreciate the added eyes of the community :)

FWIW we define an alias:

alias interface tagvlan switchport trunk allowed vlan add
alias interface detagvlan switchport trunk allowed vlan remove

...and use:

int Gi1/1
tagvlan 100
detagvlan 200-299,310

...because forgetting that "add" and "remove" can do really really 
really bad things...

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