[c-nsp] MPLS VPN with lot of PPP interfaces and central firewall

Gerald Krause gk at ax.tc
Fri Feb 19 00:43:04 EST 2010

Am 19.02.2010 05:09, Gerald Krause schrieb:
> I've got this error message when the authentication take place:
>  %VPDN-3-NORESOURCE: L2TP LNS no resources for user cpe2-vrftest; Result
> 	2, Error 4, SSS Manager disconnected session
> When I remove the "downstrem VRFTEST-DOWN" part from the Cisco-AVPair
> the user authenticates fine and the session will be established. Can
> someone point me to the right direction to solve this problem?

Grrrr... maybe 12.2(33)SRD3 doesn't support HDVRF even it's mentioned
that it should do so in the FN??? I just stumbled upon the fact this IOS
seems not to recognize the "downstream" keyword:

ROUTER(config-if)#vrf forwarding VRFTEST ?


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