[c-nsp] 6816 vs 6724

Jeff Bacon bacon at walleyesoftware.com
Fri Feb 19 15:46:56 EST 2010

Is there any compelling reason to use a 6724 linecard over a 6816 (_not_
a 6516, thank you very much), assuming you only need 6-10 gig fiber

Assume this is for a 6500/sup720-2B, with DFCs thrown on, mix of
multicast and unicast, bursty loads. 

I've been using 6816s and the only real annoyance is that they do
ingress multicast replication, not egress. port buffer is a little
smaller but so far it hasn't been a major issue.

The ingress replication is really annoying for SPAN sessions. But the
price difference is massive; no one wants 6816/DFCs, it would seem. 

Anything I'm missing? 


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