[c-nsp] availability

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Sat Feb 20 10:16:17 EST 2010

On (2010-02-19 11:44 -0500), My Name wrote:

> Does anyone have information concerning calculating
> network availability based on a network design?
> For example, is redundant P and PE routers more available statistically
> than single P and PEs with redundant route processors, etc .....?
> I am looking to input network design parameters and produce an
> availability/probability number?
> is there such an animal?

If not anything else, this might point to some directions or help with more
precise questions: http://iplu.vtt.fi/

Unfortunately some of the material is finncryp() and it is also very high
level, done by professional academics on goverment grands, some co-workers
of mine have met these people to give them some real life data to work with
and they reported that it was really hard to follow what they were doing,
so expect formulae etc.
I think in real life engineers know this stuff intuitively.

I sometimes wonder if high network quality even pays off, at least our
claimed SLA compensations are very low so it would be hard to justify any
CAPEX increase to increase quality. Rather it would seem that network
quality can be decreased if it means we can be more competitive or have
higher margins.
Spending money on brand, creating high perceived quality might be wiser
than actually trying to increase quality, since actual quality is quite
hard to measure.
But of course it is much more fun and satisfying to create the best network
you can. Too bad majority of customers claim they want quality, but seen to
choose cheapest option from market, perhaps even the worst product is good


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