[c-nsp] Missing BGP MIB support on Cisco 2621

Ziv Leyes zivl at gilat.net
Sun Feb 21 02:57:11 EST 2010

I think you should download the specific MIB for your release and try to browse it with some MIB Browser or using the Cisco MIB Locator

Here's a link for the v2 MIB



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According to Cisco's MIB Locator, c2600-is4-mz.123-26.bin should have
CISCO-BGP4-MIB support, but when I try to walk that part of the tree
( in v1 or v2c that fails.  I'm using this router to do
IPv6 tunneling, and the only routes exchanged on this router are IPv6.

Anyone else see this?  Or is there a special knob I need to turn that on?


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