[c-nsp] Cisco ONS 15454 for dummies

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> I'm getting ready to do some facilities expansion to a building about 300
> cable-feet away.  I currently have Ethernet, OC-N, and DS-N services,
> clear-channel and channelized that can land on access equipment or handed
> off as Out-of-Band connections to customers.  We have multiple ILECs and
> CLECs servicing our building.  I'm also planning on moving (or building)
> some telco facility in/to the new building.  I need the ability to land
> OC-N
> and DS-3 circuits and peel DS-3s and DS-1s out of them. I would also like
> to
> be able to chose which DS-1s go to which facility, combine them into
> something like a PA-MCT3+ for IP, etc.I'm savvy with layer3-7 with IP and
> layer1-2 with Ethernet, T-1, and DS-3.
> "Everybody" seems to be using the ONS 15454 to mix-n-match TDM between
> nodes.


  If you do not yet have this equipment you might want to look at Ciena.

Some of the more complex - but still "small" environments use this - shoot
me an off post email if you wish.

Disclaimer: I have no interest in either company and know people who work
for both.

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