[c-nsp] Network-to-network connection - MPLS / non-MPLS

Brad Henshaw brad.henshaw at qcn.com.au
Sun Feb 21 20:27:54 EST 2010

Mike wrote:
> What options are available for establishing network-to-network 
> connections between an MPLS network and a native IP network that has 
> no current MPLS capability?

I'm coming in a bit late on this one, but I will briefly point out (in
addition to Ge Moua's response) that Cisco seem to like reinventing the
wheel with different terminology and slight variations on implementation
which of course impacts platform support. Here are some phrases you can
throw into the cisco.com search engine, feature navigator or Google:

* MPLS L3VPN over IP Tunnels (a.k.a. MPLS over L2TPv3)
* L3VPN over GRE
* MPLS over GRE
* MPLS VPN over multipoint GRE
* Dynamic L3VPN using multipoint GRE
* 2547oDMVPN

Enjoy. (said with just a little sarcasm)


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