[c-nsp] EoMPLS VC gettings stuck (Sup32, SXI2a)?

David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Mon Feb 22 11:55:52 EST 2010

> so it seems that having an EoMPLS configuration on a "shutdown" interface
> can block an unrelated EoMPLS VC on the same router, but on a different VC!

could this be due to internal vlan consumption for the attachment
circuit? I've noted the ability of newly created internal vlans to block
traffic and become "stuck" whilst new ones assigned around them work
fine, of course, if your new stuck intvlan is on a port and you move
this port, you can end up moving the stuck intvlan with it!
the last time I came across this it was with IP traffic and was down to
a misprogrammed internal ACL being applied (remote command switch show
tcam interface vlan XX acl in ip), could be related, just a thought...


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