[c-nsp] ip igmp join-group x.x.x.x

luismi asturluismi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 07:52:37 EST 2010

Be aware of the command, I dont know the behaviour of your platform, but
in our 7206 npe-g2 we have issues with it. Multicast video and audio was
broken because the command makes the multicast to be "process
switched" , if my memory is ok.

El lun, 22-02-2010 a las 22:40 +0000, Vladislav Vasilev escribió:
> Hello all,
> I thought that applying "ip igmp join-group" makes the interface
> under which is executed a member of for as long as the command is
> there. The problem is that the switch (in this case ME3400) never sends
> another IGMP report and the multicast stream gets pruned. I guess it is a
> bug?
> Regards,
> V.Vasilev
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