[c-nsp] Comparision between Cisco and Juniper Data CenterSwitches

Jason Shearer jshearer at amedisys.com
Thu Feb 25 08:13:58 EST 2010

Ummm.....Ford is in a better cash position that GM.

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> >  We are going to upgrade our Data Center we need 2 (redundant) core
> > switches with top of rack switches (Edge).
> >
> > We get two Proposals
> >
>                 1. 2 x EX8216 Switches (Core) and few EX4200 Switches (Edge)
>                  2. 2 x Nexus 7000 (Core), 2 Nexus 5000 (Distribution layer)
> and few Nexus 2000 fabric extender (Edge).
>    Which Proposal is best and why? comments needed.

"We got two proposals, one Ford and one GM. Which is best and why?"

You haven't said *anything* about what your real requirements are...

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