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If the customers are coming to you with their own netblock, then it's likely they have their own ASN. If they're using a block of your address space then they announce on a private ASN and you remove-private-as.

Customers using OSPF could accidentally hijack prefixes leaving us little to no tools for filtering or preventing it.

Use OSPF/ISIS for interconnects, loopbacks, infrastructure links. *Data/Content* prefixes go into BGP.


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> hi all
> we use OSPF to transport customers routers into our backbone , i read in one
> of Cisco presentations that its best to use BGP for the same purpose
> your opinions please

In my opinion, BGP is best for inter-AS communications.  Granted, your
customer may not have their own AS, but they are autonomous from your
network, so the buffer that BGP provides is more suited to the task.  With
BGP, you don't have to worry about what the customer network looks like.
Since it's an autonomous system, you only receive and announce routes
according to what is configured.  With OSPF, your customer has an increased
ability to affect the routing within your domain.



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