[c-nsp] QoS on ingress

Brian Landers brian at bluecoat93.org
Sat Sep 11 10:17:07 EDT 2010

I just went back and reviewed the material from Cisco Live, and the stated
goal of "reverse ingress shaping" (as Cisco calls it) is to protect critical
UDP traffic (e.g. VoIP) from TCP congestion by creating effectively an
inbound priority queue.  You shape inbound TCP traffic to 85-95% of the link
speed to protect VoIP calls at teleworker locations (or other sites where
you don't have ISP-provided QoS).

At least from the data shown, this is effective at preventing latency/jitter
in the UDP traffic.  The presenter covered different tests at 85%, 90%, etc.
and the effects on UDP traffic.

I probably shouldn't share the PDF or audio of the session, but if you have
Cisco Live Virtual account I would definitely recommend checking out
Designing Multipoint WAN QoS"


Brian C Landers
CCIE #23115 (R&S + Security)

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