[c-nsp] Operational impact of switching from ingress to egress replication mode

John Neiberger jneiberger at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 12:59:43 EDT 2010

We're going to be doing a whole bunch of maintenance tonight during a
maintenance window. One of the many things on our plate is to switch
from ingress replication mode to egress on some 7600s that have a few
hundred multicast routes on them. We know there is going to be at
least a minor blip while things settle down after making the change,
but I wanted to see if anyone on the list has done this and what the
operational impact was. I've heard there will be slight interruption
in traffic, but what sort of interruption are we talking about? Are we
speaking about a second or two?

I'm asking because we're trying to decide if we want to split this out
to another night. If the disruption is minor and the risk is low then
we'll do it tonight. Otherwise, we might choose to do it on a separate

Any thoughts?

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