[c-nsp] LAC/LNS Routers - 7200 EOL

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Dec 1 02:56:22 EST 2011

On (2011-11-30 23:10 +0100), Gert Doering wrote:
> I'm still not convinced that the concept of "one big IOS daemon on
> top of Linux and calling this 'modular'" isn't a train wreck in its
> own.

While I agree that it's not optimal, but is it atypical? Isn't JunOS the
same? All the important things running in single flat process, which has
its own scheduling and memory management. Unix in the background being just
an afterthought, really a way to bootstrap it all up.

I would personally love to have everything as separate process, every BGP
neighbour new process, so crashing would be highly isolated. 
I think there is page to be taken from BEAM/erlang, give up on idea that we
are able to produce quality software and assume when building it, that the
code isn't that good, and treat crashing as expected situation and deal
with gracefully.
Sure there is performance overhead, but at least it would trivially take
use of as many cores as you have.

NXOS and IOX-XR seem to be step to the correct direction architecturally,
but even they don't separate BGP speakers to own processes.


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