[c-nsp] ipv6 nd raguard

Holemans Wim wim.holemans at ua.ac.be
Fri Dec 2 08:02:01 EST 2011

Any news if this would come available for the 2960(S) range of switches. We have about 500 of these and can't afford to replace them all with 3XXX switches just to get IPv6 protection.

Wim Holemans
Netwerkdienst Universiteit Antwerpen
Network Services University of Antwerp

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RA Guard, which part of first hop security (FHS) is not currently
available on the 3560. It is targeted for Q1 2012.

Le 11-12-02 04:19, « Maarten Carels » <lists at carels.info> a écrit :

>Hi list,
>I'm trying to protect the ipv6 part of our net by using the RA-Guard
>feature, just line we use dhcp-snooping for ipv4.
>Our 6500 switches recognize 'ipv6 nd raguard' without problems. But our
>access switches (we bought a bunch of 3560x switches with LANBase
>software) don't.
>I'm wondering if we need IPBase for that.
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