[c-nsp] OER Question

M K gunner_200 at live.com
Tue Dec 6 18:59:57 EST 2011

Hi all,

i have the below OER question
i have been trying since a while but i am not sure about the solution
can anyone please help ?
Configure R4 to be the master controller and R1 and R2 to be the Border routers.
The OER implementation should be optimized such that when the
packets with a DSCP of 41 is passing through the network, it is routed out to
R1 exit interface and also, when a DSCP of 31 is passing through, it is routed
out to R2 exit interface.
You are allowed to create extended ACL with one entry to accomplish this task.
Set active probes only
For traffic going from Vlan 44 to YY.YY.55.5, set jitter as 40, delay as 20, probe frequency as 2.
Enable constant probe via all exit interfaces.

R5 -- SW2 -- SW1 -- R1 F0/0 
R1 S0/0 -- R4 S0/0 , R4 S0/1 -- R2 S0/0
R2 F0/0 -- SW4 -- SW3
all the switches are trunk interconnected

Thanks in advance


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