[c-nsp] N7K fabric behavior

Tim Durack tdurack at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 11:35:01 EST 2011

Trying to get something clear in my mind:

N7K, 2x FAB-2, fabric redundancy, 220G capacity.

N7K, 3x FAB-2, fabric redundancy, 330G capacity.


N7K, 5x FAB-2, fabric redundancy, 550G capacity.

Cisco recommend a minimum of 3 FAB-2 cards. Why?

If I choose to ignore this recommendation, what is the impact?

Is the fabric behavior different for M1/F1/F2 generation line cards?

I understand the implications of over-subscription. If a 2x FAB-2
chassis is not over-subscribed due to the mix of 1G and 10G ports,
will the fabric perform correctly? (I'm thinking yes, as this is a
simple math equation. There is no other fabric-magic going on.
Sales-Engineering is trying to convince me otherwise :-)

Thanks for humoring me.


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