[c-nsp] HSRP and removing connected route

Jay Nakamura zeusdadog at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 15:23:54 EST 2011

So, the situation is this.

Let's say I have a topology where there are two routers, each router
connected to separate switches, and the two switches are connected to
a gigabit ethernet WAN.

One router and switch is in one city, other router and switch is in
another city.

There is a VLAN that spans the two routers, two switches and servers
hosted in one city.

I have the VLAN on HSRP between the two routers.

The problem is this.  When the gigabit WAN goes down, the one end of
the router without the host will still try to route that traffic out
it's VLAN.  Is there a way to prevent that by using IP SLA or track
command or some other trick?  Perhaps shutdown the subinterface auto
magically?  (Although, if it shuts it down, I am not sure how it will
detect that the service is back up)

Or is there something I am not thinking of I should be doing other than HSRP?

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