[c-nsp] Routing around errors

Mack McBride mack.mcbride at viawest.com
Mon Dec 12 11:34:29 EST 2011

EEM scripts are probably the easiest to do on most Cisco platforms.
BFD falls under the timers category.
I think most people use alerts and manual intervention as this isn't
a problem most people want to live with.  Most people try to fix the
error issue in a semi-permanent manner.


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We've seen an old nuisance issue becoming more prevalent lately - at dual-homed sites one of the circuits will run errors, but not bad enough to drop the routing protocol neighbor (OSPF in our case).

So a site with one good circuit and one error-heavy circuit will continue to route traffic over the circuit with errors.  I'm curious what solutions are prevalent out there, anybody want to weigh in?

Tune the hellos tight enough in the hopes of dropping the neighbors?
Alerts from monitoring system followed by manual intervention?
EEM scripts checking the counters?

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