[c-nsp] HEADS UP: vlan_mgr crashing in NX-OS 5.2(3)

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Tue Dec 13 06:20:50 EST 2011

Bernhard Schmidt <berni at birkenwald.de> wrote:

> just a quick heads up, maybe someone is hitting that, too. Since
> upgrading our test Nexus 7000 from 5.2(1) to 5.2(3) this morning we have
> a failover due to a crashing vlan_mgr process every hour. It turns out
> "sh vlan" (which is executed by RANCID every hour) reliably kills the
> box.

Update, after having forced a failover several times by just sshing to
the box and executing "show vlan" it did a full crash of both sup and a
cold reboot. Took us out for about 15 Minutes, details are still

Now "show vlan" works fine, so if someone wants to reproduce I guess you
should ISSU from 5.2(1) to 5.2(3), then execute "show vlan".


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