[c-nsp] cisco DSL interface data

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 13 07:07:30 EST 2011

Hi John,

For starters, look at the standard DSL stats, ie. attenuation & SNR. It's hard to say what is a good DSL loop though as it depends so much on any number of things (copper guage, joins, etc).

You can also monitor the number of errors you're getting on the line.

All of this can be done via SNMP too, so you can graph them over time to get an idea of how things are going.


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Hi oh wise and wonderful list :)

I've got cisco 17xx and 18xx routers in the field with DSL interface (WIC's) in them.

I'm trying to gain better inside in the quality of the ILEC provided DSL loop by using the

show dsl interface command.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.


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