[c-nsp] sup2t/15.0(1) guidance

Jeff Bacon bacon at walleyesoftware.com
Tue Dec 13 18:21:40 EST 2011

All I've ever had here is 12.2-based stuff - cat4k and cat6k, a handful of 2800/3800s for minor stuff. So I've never seen IOS 15. 

The shiny new sup2t in my test rack keeps hinting at me "try 15... try 15..." 

The 15SY release notes seem to indicate that it's not going to look much different than 12.2(50)SY (which does look different than the SX train, which I am sure will be fun when I put these into prod).

Is there a handy "changes from 12 to 15 for dummies" guide? Or, don't worry about it, it's really not a big deal? Mostly care about cat6k mgmt, MPLS VPN and MVPN, BGP, OSPF, IPv4 environment. 

Anyone using sup2t in anger yet, and opinions on 12 vs 15? (Though clearly 12.2(50) doesn't seem like the future)

Jeff Bacon
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