[c-nsp] Management VLAN not working (2950T-24)

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Wed Dec 14 12:01:41 EST 2011

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> Hi,
> I have an odd question. We have a Cisco WS-C2950T-24 that was working
> fine
> until we changed the device it is directly connected to for its
> uplink. The
> switch was connected to a gig port on a 3550 and was reachable. It is
> now
> connected to a gig port on a 6509. The strange thing is, it passes
> traffic
> to all the devices conencted to it and even to another 3550 connected
> via a
> gig port. 

Check to see if Native VLAN tagging is enabled on all switches?  For the 2950/3550, I believe the command is 'vlan dot1q tag native' and is likely the same on the 6509 (can't check it at the moment).


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