[c-nsp] ME3600X IOS 15.1(2a)EY1a Code: [Was: Re: Cisco ME3600X and Bridge-Domain Routing config question}

Waris Sagheer (waris) waris at cisco.com
Wed Dec 14 13:33:46 EST 2011

Thanks Reuben for the feedback.
I'll try to incorporate your suggestion in our release planning.


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I took the plunge and have now gradually upgraded 5 ME3600X units in 
production to 15.1(2a)EY1a software which was released a couple of weeks


So far:

- IPv6 is in, enabled, and it works well carrying 50+ prefixes and 
OSPFv3 within our AS.  Not a hugely taxing environment, but IPv6 works.

- IPv4 OSPF with limited iBGP worked in previous builds and still seems

- Issues CSCtr83500 and CSCtr83418 are fixed - so hardset and auto 
speed/duplex ports is no longer a showstopper.

- Limited MPLS testing shows no issues that I can tell.

- Bridge domain routing restrictions relaxed somewhat are welcome!

- QoS options seem still very much like a Catalyst switch than a router.

  For example applying a very basic 10M inbound and outbound policer on 
a VLAN interface to rate limit a customer for example, is not as simple 
as say, a software based router.

Note:  there are 21 pages of resolved caveats in this code compared to 
the original 15.1(2)EY release.  It's undoubtedly a good thing that 
problems are being fixed, however 21 pages of caveats resolved (about 
180 bugs) and IPv6 support appearing is arguably more than a "minor 
rebuild" as the version number would indicate, but sounds rather like 
some serious fixes have gone on behind the scenes.

I am hoping the next rebuild release will be in 6 weeks with 30 caveats 
fixed, and not 5 months with 150+ queued up.  ME guys if you are 
listening...more releases with fewer changes is easier to manage and 
deploy and less risky to upgrade in the field than fewer, far between 
drops of code.

Having said that, things are looking good and I'm giving this code a 
thumbs up.  Well worth the upgrade from 12.2(EY)3a.

I'd be interested in hearing any other feedback.


On 15/11/2011 2:44 AM, Arie Vayner (avayner) wrote:
> I just got a confirmation from the BU, and the restrictions were
> with 15.1(2)EY, as it now supports IRB for unicast.
> So now the restrictions for 15.1(2)EY are:
> *You must configure SVIs for bridge-domain routing.
> *The bridge domain must be in the range of 1 to 4094 to match the
> supported VLAN range.
> *You can use bridge domain routing with only native packets.
> *MPLS is not supported.
> So basically if you upgrade, it should work.
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