[c-nsp] ME3600X IOS 15.1(2a)EY1a Code: [Was: Re: Cisco ME3600X and Bridge-Domain Routing config question}

Reuben Farrelly reuben-cisco-nsp at reub.net
Wed Dec 14 20:29:59 EST 2011

On 15/12/2011 10:33 AM, Reuben Farrelly wrote:
> - We also need to be able to see and graph interface counters for each
> EVC/VLAN for Cacti/Solarwinds (at present this does not work on VLAN
> interfaces)
> Now:
> sw1.qld#show ethernet service instance detail
> Service Instance ID: 780
> Service Instance Type: static
> Associated Interface: GigabitEthernet0/15
> Associated EVC:
> L2protocol drop
> CE-Vlans:
> Encapsulation: untagged
> Interface Dot1q Tunnel Ethertype: 0x8100
> State: Up
> EFP Statistics:
> Pkts In Bytes In Pkts Out Bytes Out
> 52516561 14944728475 56861858 28340980592

Bad form to reply to myself but for the record, anyone else who is 
looking for this - EVCs show up as an SNMP pollable interface in their 
own right:

IF-MIB::ifDescr.20507 = STRING: GigabitEthernet0/15.ServiceInstance.780

I've now got nice graphs coming up for traffic in the EVC.


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