Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Thu Dec 15 12:44:55 EST 2011

The ASR9k supports only PW-SPAN as a remote SPAN mechanism and my wireshark box happens to be hanging off of a 3550.  That 3550 hangs off of a 7600 and that 7600 hangs off of another ASR9k that would be the PW-SPAN destination for this particular SPAN session.  The connection between the ASR9k and the 7600 is a dedicated connection to try and make this work, so it can be configured any which way.

So:  ASR1 -[MPLS]- ASR2 -> 7600 -[RSPAN]- 3550 -> Wireshark

Let's assume I setup a PW-SPAN session between ASR1 and ASR2 and drop the PW-SPAN off on the interface connected to the 7600.  Can I just simply make the 7600 side a SPAN source interface with the destination being the RSPAN VLAN towards the 3550 and off towards my Wireshark box?  Too simplistic to come even close to working properly?

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