[c-nsp] Recommendation for small GBit router

Andrew Miehs andrew at 2sheds.de
Thu Dec 15 19:28:22 EST 2011

Hi Rolf,

On 16/12/2011, at 12:25 AM, Rolf Hanßen wrote:
> I am looking for a stable, reliable router / Layer3 switch that can do the
> following:
> -forward at least 1GBit / 1Mpps
> -full support of IPv6
> -provide NetFlow data or similar for several hundred connected hosts in a
> way that can be used for IP-based accounting (including IPv6 and not
> sampled)
> -small size (max. 5HU)
> -redundant PSU

What type of connections do you want to terminate?
An ASR1001 is pretty cheap (relatively) and a great little box - 1HE.



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