[c-nsp] Cisco Nexus and HP Flexfabric

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We have customers running the Nexus B22HP (Cisco/HP FEX) and it works pretty

Flex-Whatever sucks. Bowling balls through straws. It's a switch, but not a
switch. It doesn't do QoS. (Flex-NIC bandwidth-limitations work only in one
direction). It doesn't do multi-hop FCoE (no FCoE out of the rack), and thus
requires more FC ports = more expensive, it is limited in number of VLANs.
Management sucks. Server admins configure networking.

>From my experience I'd say

1st prio: B22HP -> N5500 (limited market exposure, but cool tech)
2nd prio: Pass-Through -> N2232 -> N5500 
5th prio: CBS-3120X -> N5500
8th prio: barbed wired
Cth prio: VC FlexFabric -> N5500
Fth prio: VC Flex-10 -> N5500



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Actually, I mis-spoke on the HP Flexfabric question.

I've been asked to consider the HP Flexfabric product OR the
integrated Cisco Nexus 2K within an HP Blade server....If anyone has
deployed either solution, I would love some feedback


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