[c-nsp] 1G (SFP) single-mode aggregation

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Fri Dec 16 00:04:13 EST 2011

On Friday, December 16, 2011 03:38:25 AM Peter Rathlev 

> To sum up the different suggestions:

So based on the features you mentioned, if you're planning 
to provide services at the aggregation rack itself, the 
SUP2T should be the best way forward (at least in theory).

Many of the features you mentioned are fundamentally broken 
or unreliable on the SUP720. So your timing couldn't be 
better if you want to run this on the 6500 + SUP2T.

> - Mark, who must think we're made of money, suggested the
> ASR 9922. ;-) It could takes 20 A9K-40GE-L cards for a
> total of 760 SFP ports and an uplink module.

:-) - even I don't know what the box costs; haven't had the 
need to check as we're nowhere near needing that kind of 
aggregation power just yet.

But that's why I suggested, in the end, that if the SUP2T 
can support all the features you need, the 6500 is likely 
going to be the most cost-effective solution for you, I 
think. The SUP720 has had too many limitations to make the 
6500 anything better than a high-end Layer 2 aggregation box 
or a basic Layer 3 services box in the most extreme of use-
cases. But in theory, the SUP2T should fix the majority of 
those issues. So, again, your timing for doing this couldn't 
be better.

As the ASR9000 is optimized for both Ethernet aggregation 
and services, it could be a pricier option than the 6500. 
And even though you could get your account team to price it 
for you the same as a 6500, you're down on ports which will 
hurt your aggregation capabilities. If there is nothing 
special the ASR9000 has that the SUP2T cannot do at the same 
price or lower, then port-wise, the 6500 is a better choice.

The only one I can think of is NG-MVPN coming to the 
ASR9000. But since you sound familiar and happy with Rosen, 
I don't think it's a good enough reason to consider the 

Best of luck, Peter :-).


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