[c-nsp] Sporadic loss of LDP neighbor ...

Garry gkg at gmx.de
Fri Dec 16 09:31:21 EST 2011

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On 12.12.2011 09:27, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On Monday, December 12, 2011 03:38:56 PM Garry wrote:
>> Dec 11 22:59:31: %LDP-5-NBRCHG: LDP Neighbor [BB1]:0 is DOWN
>> (Received error notification from peer: Holddown time expired)
>> Dec 11 22:59:52: %LDP-5-NBRCHG: LDP Neighbor [BB3]:0 is DOWN
>> (Discovery Hello Hold Timer expired) Dec 11 23:00:00:
>> %LDP-5-NBRCHG: LDP Neighbor [BB3] is UP Dec 11 23:00:27:
>> %LDP-5-NBRCHG: LDP Neighbor [BB1]:0 is UP
> Are you seeing high CPU utilization on the affected routers, even
> if transient?

I've seen high CPU before, but never in time to discern whether the
CPU was cause or effect ... just this afternoon I was able to catch
one of the outages in time to cross-check multiple places, mainly the
logs and cpu history, which clearly showed that the egg was there
before the hen - or rather, 100% cpu for ~2min followed by the LDP
(and other) outages ... problem is, I can't yet pin-point the cause of
the CPU load - guess I will have to set up a cron job to pull "show
proc cpu sort 5min" outputs every couple minutes and check which
process is the cause for the cpu load ... hopefully ... (even as I
prepare to drop the 7200's from the essential places, I even see 10%
cpu at the same time on the ASR routers, which is pretty high compared
to the ~1% they usually have ... so I want to solve the problem cause,
not the effect ...)

Tnx, garry
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